Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP140103773 [ 2014-01-01 - 2019-04-30 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Heather Horst (Chief Investigator) ,  Prof Robert Foster (Partner Investigator)

Brief description The Moral and Cultural Economy of Mobile Phones in the Pacific. Over the last decade, developing countries have experienced a digital revolution through the medium of the mobile phone. Basic handsets are now used for personal communication, social connection, internet access, electronic banking and money transfers. Through a comparative study of mobile telecommunications markets in Fiji and Papua New Guinea, this research will provide fresh insight into a transformative moment by examining how companies, consumers and state actors shape the moral and cultural dimensions of economic life. The research will historically and ethnographically document the broad social consequences of new digital technologies in the Pacific region.

Funding Amount $452,500

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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