Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP140103067 [ 2014 - 2016 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Ross Young; Dr James Zanotti; Prof Derek Leinweber;

Brief description This project will explore the fundamental mechanisms of nature making the neutron heavier than the proton; governing which nuclei are stable; and determining the current state of the Universe. Drawing on substantial supercomputing resources made available through international collaboration, this project will perform the first ab-initio simulation combining the quantum field theories governing elementary quarks, gluons, electrons and photons; namely quantum chromodynamics and quantum electrodynamics. This project will develop novel theoretical and numerical techniques to confront the otherwise elusive electromagnetic contributions to hadronic properties and in doing so, address a wide range of important aspects of hadron structure and interactions.

Funding Amount 375000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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