Discovery Projects - Grant ID: DP140102698 [ 2014-01-01 - 2017-12-31 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Huete, Alfredo (Chief Investigator) ,  Dr Tomoaki Miura (Partner Investigator) ,  A/Prof Mary Moran (Partner Investigator)

Brief description Impacts of extreme hydro-meteorological conditions on ecosystem functioning and productivity patterns across Australia. As Earth’s climate continues to change, the frequency and intensity of warm droughts, extreme precipitation patterns, and heat waves will alter in potentially different ways, ecosystem functioning and productivity with major impacts on carbon and water balance, and food security. The extreme hydro-meteorological conditions that are presently afflicting Australia provide exceptional opportunities to study ecosystem-level functional responses using contemporary, in-situ and satellite observational datasets. This project aims to analyse cross-biome and site-level functional responses across contrasting hydroclimatic periods to better understand climate change impacts on ecosystem productivity, resilience, and potential collapse.

Funding Amount $460,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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