Discovery Early Career Researcher Award - Grant ID: DE170100516 [ 2017-06-01 - 2020-06-14 ]

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Researchers: Peter Cowman (Discovery Early Career Researcher Award)

Brief description Biodiversity, biogeography and molecular evolution on tropical reefs. This project aims to discover how evolutionary processes, biogeography and molecular change drive biodiversity patterns. Coral reefs support over 800,000 plant and animal species on <0.1% of the ocean. This project will examine how this biodiversity was formed by generating genomic data for reef building corals and reef associated fishes to reconstruct their evolutionary history. It will compare models of speciation, extinction and range change among regions to determine how those processes contribute to the formation of biodiversity gradients and regional assemblage differences. The project expects that better understanding of evolutionary dynamics will inform conservation priorities.

Funding Amount $372,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

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