Discovery Early Career Researcher Award - Grant ID: DE140101333 [ 2014 - 2016 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr Zongqing Ma;

Brief description Magnesium diboride (MgB2) superconducting wires have outstanding potential for a diverse range of commercial applications. However, the critical current density in MgB2 wires is still comparatively low, which represents the biggest obstacle in terms of their practical applications. This project will further enhance the critical current density in second generation MgB2 wires prepared by an optimised internal magnesium diffusion process through addressing fundamental issues and designing appropriate microstructure. The research outcomes will be extremely beneficial to fundamental research and to the potential application of MgB2 superconductors. High-performing, low-cost second generation MgB2 wires are also expected to be developed in this project.

Funding Amount 377050

Funding Scheme Discovery Early Career Researcher Award

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