Development and implementation of an educational program to guide palliative care for people with Motor Neurone Disease [ 2007 - 2011 ]

Also known as: Palliative care education for service providers working with people living with MND

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Linda Kristjanson (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Marylynn Oldham Dr Ruth Mcconigley Prof David Currow Prof Margaret O'Connor
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Brief description The project aims to improve the quality of care for people with MND and their family carers through the development, testing and implementation of an educational program for health professionals and other service providers focused on the palliative care needs of this population. The project is taking place in three sites: Western Australia, Victoria and South Australia, in collaboration with the MND associations in the three states. The effectiveness of the flexible model of care provided to people with MND and their carers as a result of the implementation of the MND Education Program will be assessed and a national implementation plan will be developed.

Funding Amount $AUD 258,525.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Strategic Awards

Notes Palliative Care Research

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