Determinants of successfully living with aphasia after stroke: a prospective cohort mixed methods study [ 2010 - 2014 ]

Also known as: Successfully living with aphasia: What does it take?

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Linda Worrall (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Asad Khan Prof Nina Simmons-Mackie

Brief description People with the communication disability of aphasia following stroke are critical of rehabilitation services. This project seeks to determine what it takes to live successfully with aphasia so that aphasia rehabilitation can be improved. Participants will be interviewed over the first 12 months following the stroke. The most important factors contributing to success will be identified and barriers and facilitators described. The most important factors can then be targeted in rehabilitation.

Funding Amount $AUD 469,003.23

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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