Determinants of the clearance of HIV infected cells by successful AIDS vaccines [ 2003 - 2003 ]

Also known as: Understanding AIDS vaccines

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Stephen Kent (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Damian Purcell Prof Sharon Lewin

Brief description A vaccine is urgently needed to halt the global AIDS epidemic caused by HIV infection. We have previously demonstrated that new generation vaccine technology can prevent HIV infection. DNA and fowlpoxviruses vaccines are designed to carry in parts of HIV and induce very vigorous immune defences to be mounted against HIV. The proposal seeks to understand why these vaccines work, their limitations, and to help guide further improvements to these vaccines. In particular, we will look at how these vaccines clear cells that become infected with the virus and which are the most important cells that do this. We will also look at whether HIV can hide away in latent forms despite seemingly successful vaccination. Importantly, we will address whether these vaccines should limit the spread of HIV between people, an important public health goal of successful vaccines.

Funding Amount $AUD 188,500.00

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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