Design and application of new nanomaterials theranostic platforms for targeted treatment of cancer [ 2015 - ]

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Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Moeava Tehei (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Stephanie Corde Dr Susanna Guatelli Dr Konstantin Konstantinov Prof Anatoly Rozenfeld
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Brief description The project aims to develop intelligent drugs that attract to malignant tumors like magnets. These powerful, next-generation chemotherapy drugs seek out cancerous cells, allowing physicians to see exactly where tumours lie. Nanoparticles inside the drugs then switch on upon contact with X-ray radiation beams. This new method, which can diagnose, deliver targeted therapy and monitor the response to therapy all at the same time, would reduce the amount of radiation needed to kill cancer cells.

Funding Amount $514,154.00

Funding Scheme Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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