Depressive and bipolar disorders: Pathophysiology, phenotypes and treatment innovations [ 2013 - 2018 ]

Also known as: Depressive and bipolar disorders: Causes, presentation and treatment innovations

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Philip Mitchell (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Gordon Parker Prof Michael Breakspear Prof Peter Schofield

Brief description Depression and bipolar disorder are two of Australia’s leading causes of disease burden, with 3-4 million Australians affected during their lifetime. However, despite being such a serious health burden, there are major shortcomings to current understanding and management. This research program aims to further our knowledge of the causes and presentations of the mood disorders, and to improve and “tailor” treatment for the many Australians who suffer from these highly disabling illnesses.

Funding Amount $AUD 7,469,272.16

Funding Scheme Program Grants

Notes Program Grant

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