Department of Planning and Environment
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DPE is the principal government agency responsible for driving sustainable growth in NSW.\r\n\r\nDPE works closely with local government, stakeholders and the community in the areas of long-term regional planning, well-located housing and employment land, state significant development proposals, protection of the natural environment and caring for culture, heritage and Aboriginal country.\r\nIn collaborating with government agencies, DPE aims to promote greater community and stakeholder consultation, integrate land use planning and infrastructure provision, deliver development assessments for major development and infrastructure projects and guide the policies and strategies for land use, heritage and conservation.\r\n\r\nDPE’s community initiatives include raising the standard of building and design, releasing new land for housing and employment, developing strategies which guide sustainable planning, protecting the environment through impact assessments, driving best practice in development approvals, publishing population projections and analyses, assessing major projects of state significance and managing key planning reforms.\r\n\r\nSee:\r\n

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