Demanding the Impossible: Utopianism in Philosophy, Literature and Science Fiction [ 2005 - 2007 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof AJ Milner; Prof AE Benjamin; Prof IM Buchanan; Dr RT Boer; Dr CE Rigby

Brief description In a society like ours, which is subject to more or less continuous and often rapid social change, the question of how to imagine the future is of paramount importance. The study of how better and worse futures have been imagined for Australia, and how they still continue to be imagined, is therefore a central research question for the humanities in this country. More specifically, one of the key themes in our reseach will be the relationship between culture, ecology and utopia or dystopia. Much of our work will be quite deliberately oriented towards the future possibilities for an ecologically sustainable society.

Funding Amount $360,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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