Deborah Loxton

The University of Newcastle, Australia
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Professor Deborah Loxton is Co-director of the Research Centre for Generational Health and Ageing, a priority research centre of the University of Newcastle, and Deputy Director of the Australian Longitudinal Study on Women’s Health (ALSWH). Prof Loxton has a background in psychology and was awarded her PhD in health in 2003. She is an experienced quantitative and qualitative researcher in women's health, with particular interests in reproductive health and the impact of stressful life events, including the health impact of abuse, such as domestic violence. Prof Loxton’s research is largely undertaken using data from the ALSWH, a longitudinal cohort survey that collects data from four age cohorts of over 57,000 Australian women. She has extensive experience in developing and conducting survey based research, including participant recruitment and retention in large cohort studies. In 2012-13, Prof Loxton led t