David Ball

Queensland University of Technology
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My research focus is on practical robotic solutions for the real world. My primary project is the designing robot solutions to solve problems faced in agriculture. I lead the ARC Robotics for Zero Tillage project which is looking at replacing large, heavy manned tractors with small, light autonomous robots to increase productivity and reduce impact on the environment. I am also part of the Skippy robot kangaroo project, OpenRatSLAM system, and wireless recording system.

In my previous position I worked on the Thinking System project which investigated navigation through real and conceptual spaces. In this project I led the iRat (Intelligent Rat Animat Technology) project, designed a flight arena for Bees, a wireless neural recording system for Rats and worked on the robot navigation systems.

Before that, during my PhD, I led the RoboRoos, a RoboCup soccer team that competed in the RoboCup Small Size League in the USA, Japan, Italy, and Portugal.

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