The cutting edge: Investigating the use of shell as a raw material by Australasian hominins [ 2009 - 2013 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr K Szabo

Brief description Australasia has tended to exist on the periphery of major debates surrounding human evolution. There is little justification why this should be the case, and Australasia has much to contribute with insights into adaptations to island and tropical environments, and the use of novel raw materials for artefact production. Such enquiries not only help us understand the place of early Australasians within a global framework, but assist us in understanding the unique challenges and opportunities afforded by this region. The regional and European research linkages developed and enhanced by this project ensure that such knowledge is not only 'owned' by Australasians, but is incorporated into global thinking.

Funding Amount $660,809

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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