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CSIRO National Soil Site Database - ANZSoilML - GeoServer WFS

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation
CSIRO (Point of contact, Has point of contact)
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WFS service
2.0.0 version
GetCapabilities request
DescribeFeatureType request
GetFeature request
GetPropertyValue request
ListStoredQueries request
DescribeStoredQueries request
CreateStoredQuery request
DropStoredQuery request
LockFeature request
GetFeatureWithLock request
Transaction request
om:OM_Observation typeName
anzsmls:SoilHorizon typeName
anzsmls:SoilProfile typeName
anzsmlss:SoilSpecimen typeName
anzsmls:Soil typeName

Brief description

CSIRO National Soil Site Database (Natsoil), Complex Web Feature Service for ANZSoilML delivery. (metadata: This is the reference implementation of WFS 1.0.0 and WFS 1.1.0, supports all WFS operations including Transaction.
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154.1,-8.9 154.1,-44 112.8,-44 112.8,-8.9 154.1,-8.9



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