Critical flux paths influencing ecological processes in an urban estuary [ 2002 - 2002 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr DP Hamilton Prof J Imberger Dr BJ Robson

Brief description This study will focus on the roles of benthic algae, denitrification and consumers on nutrient fluxes and planktonic production in the Swan River estuary, Western Australia. A 5-year research program of measurements and numerical modelling has identified these processes as poorly quantified, critical to the estuary trophic status, and essential data in order to accurately predict potential impacts of remediation strategies. We will validate the impacts of denitrification through in situ measurements, review data on higher order consumers, and use this information in a numerical model to understand the interactions of biogeochemical fluxes, plant, animal and microbial communities, and transport processes in the estuary.

Funding Amount $50,000

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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