Coolaman Police Station (1885 -1896) Coolamon Police Station (1896- )

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A Police Station was established at Coolaman Police Station in the Murray District was established in 1885. (1) By 1896 the town and the Station were re-named Coolamon. (2) On 12 Octoberl 1900 the station was proclaimed as one in which the Police Act, 1838 (2 Victoria Act No. 2) as amended was applicable. (3) The Act aimed at preventing certain nuisance behaviours and promoting good order and safety by declaring as offences obstructions in public places, and enforcing building standards. The limits of the town were defined on the same day. (4) Endnotes:
(1) Report of the Police Department for 1885 p. 1 in NSW Parliamentary Papers 1885-86 Vol. 4 p. 919
(2) Report of the Police Department for 1896 p. 10 in NSW Parliamentary Papers 1897 Vol 3 p. 1316
(3) NSW Government Gazette 13 October 1900 p.8103
(4) Loc. Cit

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