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Researchers: Prof David De Kretser (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Euan Wallace (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Mark Hedger David Phillips Prof Gail Risbridger
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Brief description This Program Grant investigates a number of important reproductive problems that affect the fertility of men, prostate cancer and the way the mother nurtures and protects the baby during pregnancy. The successful development of sperm requires the proper function of a number of biological processes. This grant investigates the way in which sperm are produced, the genes that are needed to control their development, and the way sperm propel themselves and fertilize the egg. The research also investigates how sperm are protected during their development from infection and immunological rejection, achieved in part by a special environment within the tubes in the testis where they grow. It appears that the general mechanisms that the body uses to combat infections are modified within the testis and the way in which this occurs may provide clues that could be applied to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs in general. Some of the substances that control these processes appear to play an important role in the body�s defense against infection. The grant also investigates the processes that are involved in the development of prostate cancer. These changes can occur over many years and the grant will study some substances that appear to be involved. The work will provide new knowledge that may assist in new tests to identify whether a cancer is slow or fast growing, thereby helping each man to decide the most sensible form of treatment. The grant will investigate how a group of proteins, that also are involved in the control of processes discussed above, assist the mother in protecting her baby during pregnancy. The outcomes will assist in the management of disturbances of pregnancy that may put the fetus at risk of survival.

Funding Amount $AUD 4,797,204.49

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