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University of New South Wales is a member of the Group of Eight and one of Australia's leading research intensive universities.  While we conduct research across a wide range of disciplines, we are investing considerable resources in particular areas where we feel we can make a difference.  This involves building on existing strengths, in fields where we are already a world leader, as well as identifying emerging problems and opportunities, and moving to meet the challenge.

Research Strengths and Key Research Areas:

UNSW has a reputation for international research excellence in the following areas of research strength:

•    Biomedical Sciences
•    Water, Environment, Sustainability
•    Next Generation Materials and Technologies
•    Social Policy, Government and Health Policy
•    ICT, Robotics and Devices
•    Business, Law and Economics

UNSW areas of emerging & underpinning research strengths:

•    Fundamental and Enabling Sciences
•    Contemporary Humanities and Creative Arts
•    Defence and Security

Approximately 90% of all research activity at UNSW is in areas of existing and emerging research strength.

•    Research Strengths Summary

Research Services:

UNSW is committed to providing external partners from business and government high quality and relevant research outcomes across a broad range of disciplines and commercial activities. The University draws together a wide diversity of knowledge to offer a one-stop shop for everything from specific problem-solving to Intellectual Property (IP) development, transfer and commercialisation.

The Division of Research provides a comprehensive range of services to external partners looking to access UNSW expertise and facilities. Contact the Research Partnerships Unit for further information.

NewSouth Innovations focuses on knowledge and technology transfer opportunities for research undertaken at UNSW. UNSW is the first University in Australia to offer a selection of UNSW's intellectual property to the private sector to develop for free, with simplified, one-page agreements replacing complicated licensing negotiations. For more information see our new approach to Easy Access IP.

At UNSW we have proven expertise in:

•    Contract research and consultancy
•    Management of Intellectual Property (IP) and Commercialisation
•    Operating cutting edge research facilities and infrastructure
•    Training high quality postgraduates researchers

Research and Key Research Areas
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