National Computational Infrastructure

The National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) is Australia’s leading high- performance data, storage and computing organisation, providing expert services to benefit all domains of science, government and industry. We bring the Australian Government and the Australian research sector together through a broad collaboration involving the largest national science agencies, universities, and industry partners.

As the home of the high-performance computing needs of so many research organisations across the country, our highly integrated scientific computing facility provides world-class services to thousands of researchers every year. It delivers groundbreaking scientific outcomes; new, enhanced and advanced technologies; and critical insights that inform and benefit public policy. Our combination of infrastructure and expertise enables high- impact research and innovation that is otherwise impossible to undertake.

In synergy with and in support of the Australian government’s premier research funding bodies, NCI supports an internationally competitive research environment that attracts and retains leading researchers in Australia.

Based at The Australian National University, NCI is home to the Southern Hemisphere’s fastest supercomputer, its highest performance research cloud, its fastest filesystems and Australia’s largest research data repository—all supported by an expert team of nationally and internationally recognised staff.

Our combination of infrastructure and expertise enables high-impact research and innovation that otherwise would be impossible to undertake. It also delivers outcomes that inform public policy, and supports an internationally competitive research environment that attracts and retains world-class researchers for Australia.

Research and Key Research Areas

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver to the Australian research sector computational capability and enhanced services that enable transformational outcomes to be achieved for Australia’s industry, its environment, its higher education sector, its public policy formulation and Australian society more broadly.
  • NCI is research and outcomes driven, innovating and evolving our services portfolio to deliver on researchers’ requirements, institutional research needs, and national research priorities.
  •  NCI delivers national benefits by enhancing the outcomes of research projects undertaken by government, science agencies, universities and industry across the country.
  • NCI’s research-driven agenda is underpinned by deep engagement with a broad range of research organisations, centres and communities across Australia and the world, which drives the relevance, agility and value of our services.
  • NCI’s infrastructure, expertise and experience deliver transformational outcomes that are world-leading.
As Australian research becomes ever more reliant on computational methods, a reliable and innovative high-performance computing platform is required. That is why NCI is pushing the boundaries of what a high-performance computing and high-performance data facility can offer. The colocation and integration of peta-scale data storage with petaflop supercomputing is critical to making data science innovation possible for Australian research

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National Computational Infrastructure has 190 data records in Research Data Australia, which cover 74 subjects areas including geoscientificInformation, AusLAMP, MT, magnetotelluric, time series, long period, transfer functions, Geophysics, Mineral resources, Earth Sciences, Geomagnetically Induced Currents and Earth Sciences and involve 23 group(s). All of the information provided by National Computational Infrastructure can be accessed from the box on the right hand side of this page.
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