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Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public not-for-profit university funded by the Australian Government and open to students and staff of all beliefs. 

A world-leading research institution in our areas of specialisation, Australian Catholic University (ACU) has developed a culture of research excellence grounded in mission and guided by our core values of truth, academic excellence, and service.


Under the 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, ACU continues its research intensification strategy with a focus on core Research Strategic Priorities aligned with our Mission, Vision, and distinctive institutional profile. These priorities are: EducationHealth, and Theology and Philosophy and other Liberal Arts.

  • Across all stages of learning our education research generates evidence-based knowledge to improve teaching techniques, assessment models, and learning outcomes. Applications in policy and in classroom practice ensure that students of all ages are given a voice in curriculum development, delivering direct benefits.
  • From targeting specific medical conditions, to exploring ways of improving the health of entire communities, our health research addresses critical issues to provide practical, workable solutions and treatments, and, where possible, preventions.
  • Our research in theology and philosophy explores the nature of religion and philosophy in its historical and contemporary contexts, from the ancient to the modern world, with an emphasis on productive collaboration with an international community of scholars and institutions.
  • ACU expands its profile in the liberal arts under the current Plan, building on established areas of strength in which we have of national and international significance, making an important contribution to intellectual and community debates.

Within the Catholic intellectual tradition, all research at ACU seeks to make a significant international contribution to the flourishing of society while defending the dignity of the human person and the common good. 

Research Institutes and Research Centres

Our research institutes make an impact around the world across industries and communities, and in the lives of individuals. Education, health, and theology and philosophy, and other liberal arts are their core research priorities

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A number of research centres conduct high-quality research in key priority areas. Most sit within institutes and further support an active research culture.  

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Data Profile
Australian Catholic University has 89 data records in Research Data Australia, which cover 92 subjects areas including Catholic, National Church Life Survey (NCLS) and Protestant and involve 0 group(s). All of the information provided by Australian Catholic University can be accessed from the box on the right hand side of this page.