A comparative historical study of English and French men's self-fashioning, with reference to gender, sexual and national identity, c1740-90 [ 2003 - 2004 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Dr PK McNeil

Brief description The project analyses the transformation of Anglo-French social attitudes towards aristocratic male dress c1740-90. In so doing, it offers a new explanation for the demise of court dress in Enlightenment Europe and the rise of that sober protestant and bourgeois style which now dominates the appearance of western male elites. It will produce the first comprehensive comparative study of two courtier figures, the French petit-maitre and the English macaroni, in order to advance the hypothesis that these interdependent national and masculine identities played a significant role in the reformulation of modern notions of gender, sexuality, health and consumerism.

Funding Amount $55,771

Funding Scheme Discovery Projects

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