Community enterprises development with connected infrastructure systems in rural Australia and China

Research Project

Researchers: Prof David Ness (Is principal investigator of , Principal investigator) ,  Dr Ke Xing (Is principal investigator of , Principal investigator) ,  Prof Ying Zhu (Is principal investigator of , Principal investigator)

Full description This group mission will build a multi-disciplinary platform for ongoing research driven innovation and Australia-China collaboration to create stronger rural and remote communities. It will focus on the community driven development in partnership with industry, NGOs and governments, comparing and studying current approaches in Australia and China and developing practical and workable models and principals. Research related missions, fieldwork and a workshop will result in a series of policy papers and joint research publications, which will form the foundation of long term collaboration with an extended range of industry and other partners. The initial focus will be on how community enterprises such as tourism, food and ecological services/carbon farming may generate employment and improve sustainable livelihoods, when supported by integrated infrastructure systems and technologies such as telecommunications, renewable energy and water, eco-housing and economic/financial mechanisms.

Data time period: 04 06 2012 to 31 12 2013

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