Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology Australia

Also known as: CBM, Commonwealth Meteorological Bureau Australia, Bureau of Meteorology
National Library of Australia
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In December 1972 the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology changed its name to Australia. Bureau of Meteorology. Publications by these bodies are entered under the name used at the time of publication.
The Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology is the National Meteorological Service for Australia. Its role is to observe and understand Australian weather and climate and provide meteorological, hydrological and oceanographic services in support of Australia's national needs and international obligations.

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Before June 1955 meteorological functions were carried out by the Meteorological Branch/Bureau of the Commonwealth Department of the Interior. The Meteorology Act 1955 became operative on 20 June 1955. The Act established the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology and created the office of Director of Meteorology. From 1973 the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology was also referred to as the 'Bureau of Meteorology' in Commonwealth and Australian Government Directories.
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