Clover v2.0 reference assembly and annotation

The University of Western Australia
Kaur, Parwinder ; Bayer, Philipp Emanuel ; Milec, Zbyněk ; Vrána, Jan ; Yuan, Yuxuan ; Appels, Rudi ; Edwards, David Brian ; Batley, Jacqueline ; Nichols, Phillip Geoffrey ; Erskine, William ; Doležel, Jaroslav
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ctx_ver=Z39.88-2004&rft_val_fmt=info%3Aofi%2Ffmt%3Akev%3Amtx%3Adc&rfr_id=info%3Asid%2FANDS&rft_id=info:doi10.5281/zenodo.161479&rft.title=Clover v2.0 reference assembly and annotation&rft.identifier=10.5281/zenodo.161479 &rft.publisher=Zenodo&rft.description=Genome reference assembly and annotation of clover&rft.creator=Kaur, Parwinder &rft.creator=Bayer, Philipp Emanuel &rft.creator=Milec, Zbyněk &rft.creator=Vrána, Jan &rft.creator=Yuan, Yuxuan &rft.creator=Appels, Rudi &rft.creator=Edwards, David Brian &rft.creator=Batley, Jacqueline &rft.creator=Nichols, Phillip Geoffrey &rft.creator=Erskine, William &rft.creator=Doležel, Jaroslav & Access the data



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Genome reference assembly and annotation of clover


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Yuxuan Yuan (Creator); Rudi Appels (Creator)Zbyněk Milec (Creator); Jan Vrána (Creator); Jaroslav Doležel (Creator)

Issued: 2016-10-27

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