Clemens Alfred Scheer

Also known as: Clemens Alfred Scheer, Dr Clemens Scheer
National Library of Australia
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Dr Clemens Scheer is a research scientist and lecturer at the Queensland University of Technology. His expertise lies in the impact of land-use change and agricultural management on the biosphere-atmosphere exchange of environmental important trace gases (N2O, CH4, CO2) and the identification and characterization of microbial processes involved in the consumption and production of C- and N- trace gases in soils. During his PhD, he researched on soil carbon and nitrogen fluxes in irrigated cotton growing areas of the Aral Sea Basin, Uzbekistan. His current research activities focus on greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural systems in Australia with the aim of reducing N2O emissions from different farming systems. He is principal investigator of the Queensland research site within the Australian network of N2O emissions.

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