Characterization of H. pylori –specific CD4 T cell responses and the evaluation of the basic requirements for the development of an effective anti-H. pylori vaccine [ 2013 - 2017 ]

Also known as: Characterization of H. pylori-specific CD4 T cell responses

Research Grant

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Researchers: Dr Senta Walton (Principal investigator)

Brief description H. pylori infect over half of the global population. Although infection results in asymptomatic gastritis in most cases 10 % develop gastric ulcers and cancer. Current vaccination strategies have failed to protect humans from infection. We aim to characterise the main immune cells involved in H. pylori infection, specifically the bacteria-specific CD4 T cells. We will then try to understand the basic requirements for a successful vaccine in order to develop new, improved anti-H. pylori vaccines.

Funding Amount $AUD 313,161.22

Funding Scheme Early Career Fellowships

Notes Peter Doherty Biomedical ECF

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