Centre for Research Excellence for reducing the burden of colorectal cancer by optimising screening: evidence to clinical practice [ 2012 - 2017 ]

Also known as: Bowel cancer prevention

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Mark Jenkins (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Alex Boussioutas Prof Finlay Macrae A/Pr Marie Pirotta A/Pr Joanne Young
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Brief description Bowel cancer, the second most diagnosed and cause of cancer death is preventable. Low risk people need no screening or just inexpensive fecal occult blood tests. Increased risk people need the more expensive and invasive colonoscopies. There is overuse of colonoscopy by those at low risk and underuse by those at high risk. Our Centre brings together scientists, epidemiologists and clinicians to develop a personalised risk tool and methods to implement the tool to increase appropriate screening.

Funding Amount $AUD 2,602,068.10

Funding Scheme Centres of Research Excellence

Notes Centre of Research Excellence - Clinical

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