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Researchers: A/Pr Ivan Bertoncello (Principal investigator) ,  Paul Simmons Prof John Wilson

Brief description Fibrtic lung diseases are a major health burden, and are a leading causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. These diseases are effectively incurable, and a considerable number eventually require lung transplants. As such these diseases are prime candidates for stem cell therapies to regenerate and repair the lung. However, the lack of knowledge about the precise identity, organisation and regulation of these cells; how to deliver them effectively to the damaged lung; and how to pre-condition their site of lodgement to best harness their potential. This project aims to address these issues. We have recently identified a rare population of cells in the adult mouse lung which has a number of characteristics consistent with that of an adult stem cell. We are able to grow these cells in tissue culture, and we have preliminary data suggesting that they can regenerate lung tissue when transplanted. The aim of this project is to precisely identify these cells, develop methods for their isolation and determine their location in the lung. The assays we will develop in this model will then be used to identify stem cells in the bone marrow which have similar properties and which could potentially be used clinically to alleviate lung disease. The project brings together a group of investigators with unique expertise in the isolation and analysis of adult stem cells, and in clinical and experimental respiratory medicine to develop preclinical models in the mouse which are prerequisite for the developement and implementation of step cell based therapies for lung disease in humans.

Funding Amount $AUD 282,020.54

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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