CD4+ T-cells in HIV - regulator or target of viral infection: a modelling approach [ 2009 - 2012 ]

Also known as: Helper T cells as regulators and targets of HIV infection

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Miles Davenport (Principal investigator) ,  Dr Janka Petravic Dr Ruy Ribeiro

Brief description T-cell loss due to HIV infection causes immunodeficiency. Since virus grows faster if more T-cells are available and preferentially infects dividing cells, we want to understand how replacement, division and death of uninfected T-cells affect the progress of HIV infection and T-cell recovery during drug therapy. The results of our study will lead to a better understanding of HIV disease, and may assist in the development of novel treatment regimes optimising T-cell numbers during infection.

Funding Amount $AUD 319,740.50

Funding Scheme NHMRC Project Grants

Notes Standard Project Grant

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