Full description Background In 1940 the first centrally controlled uniform building regulations were established under the Local Government Act 1928. Prior to this each municipality could make its own by-laws governing building regulation. The 1940 legislation established the Building Regulations Commission which was to prepare and submit draft building regulations to the Minister for Public Works (VRG 18). Under the Local Government Act 1958 the power to administer Uniform Building Regulations continue to be vested in municipalities (except where provided under Health Act, Sewerage Regulations and Water Supply Regulations which are subject to the approval of appropriate government authorities). The Uniform Building Regulations define detailed provisions for building operations and prescribe certain minimum standards which councils are bound to observe, however, councils have the power to insist on standards above those prescribed in the Regulations. Appeals against decisions by councils may be made to a panel of Referees. Under the provisions of the Uniform Building Regulations, no building may be erected, constructed, placed in position, rebuilt, reconstructed, re-erected, replaced in position, altered, structurally altered, pulled down or removed unless it complies with the Local Government Act and Uniform Building Regulations and is approved by a council. A written permit must be obtained from the Council and a fee paid as prescribed. Reforms 1990s A number of agencies were established by the Building Act 1993, modelled on the national Model Building Act, which was passed to provide for the regulation of building and building standards reflecting best practice and innovation. These agencies are: Building Advisory Council to advise the Minister on the administration and impact of the Act on the building industry and community. Building Appeals Board hears applications for modifications of the building regulations, disputes or appeals arising from the Act and appeals against decisions of the Building Practitioners Board. Building Control Commission responsible for administering the building regulatory system. Building Practitioners Board registers building practitioners, monitors their conduct and ability to practise. Building Regulations Advisory Committee advises the Minister on regulations and provides accreditation of building products, construction methods, designs and components and systems associated with building work.

Data time period: 1836 to 2013

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