Building a cohort of Indigenous research leaders in community health development [ 2007 - 2014 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Robyn Mcdermott (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Adrian Esterman Prof Jonathan Buckley Prof Komla Tsey Prof Leonie Segal
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Brief description The health of Indigenous people in Australia is considerably worse than that of their non-Indigenous counterparts. Despite significant efforts to improve Indigenous health outcomes, little progress has been made and new strategies are required. The majority of Indigenous health research has been conducted by non-Indigenous researchers, with Indigenous health researchers assisting in relatively minor roles. This project brings together a team of experienced health researchers who will support a group of 6 Indigenous scholars to complete high quality PhDs in areas of strategic importance for Indigenous health at the community level. These Indigenous scholars are committed to improving Indigenous health and hold, in many cases, quite senior positions with various Indigenous health organisations. The training they will receive through this project will provide them with the skills to address some of the most pressing Indigenous health issues of the early 21st century, and equip them to lead the next generation of Indigenous health research and policy development.

Funding Amount $AUD 2,539,552.63

Funding Scheme Centres of Research Excellence

Notes Population Health Capacity Building Grant

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