Building capacity in health economics evaluation [ 2007 - 2012 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Christopher Doran (Principal investigator) ,  A/Pr Jan Barendregt Dr David Evans Dr Stephen Lim Prof Eric Vos
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Brief description This proposal aims to build research capacity and methodological sophistication in economic evaluation and priority setting in health. An unprecedented critical mass of Australian experts in economic evaluation will be created who can then train a new generation of researchers. The proposal covers the following topics: Assessing the impact of economic evaluation and priority setting methods on resource allocation in Australia to better understand the methodological, conceptual, practical and political barriers to its use ('policy analysis'); Developing appropriate, valid and reliable utility measures that are culturally appropriate for Indigenous populations, children and carers ('utility measures'); Developing methods and tools for measuring non-health sector costs and benefits from a social perspective ('cost benefit'); Refining methods for adjusting cost-effectiveness results to reflect other values such as equity, applicability and feasibility ('second filter'); Exploring the usefulness and appropriateness of different modeling approaches used in economic evaluation ('modeling'); and Developing techniques to measure gains in overall health system efficiency from the adoption of cost-effective interventions ('efficiency'). The proposed outcomes are: An increased number of independent researchers with expertise in economic evaluation-priority setting who develop their own research programs; Establish a critical mass of researchers who can improve the standard and acceptance of economic evaluation and priority setting methods in health, including priority setting for Indigenous Australians and other groups with special needs; Value-adding to existing priority setting and economic evaluation projects by validating methods and developing new approaches; Effective linkages between researchers and policy makers, advocates and other stakeholders to increase appreciation of the use of economic evaluation and priority setting in health policy and clinical practice; and Research transfer through workshops, presentations and peer-reviewed publications.

Funding Amount $AUD 2,336,909.17

Funding Scheme Capacity

Notes Population Health Capacity Building Grant

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