Brain and Mind Research Institute

Also known as: BMRI
The University of Sydney
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Diseases of the brain and mind, including substance abuse, clinical depression and dementia now account for more than 40 percent of all illness. These diseases are devastating for those affected, their families, and for society, costing the Australian economy an estimated $30 billion each year.

The BMRI brings together patients, support groups and front-line carers with scientists and clinicians working in neurosciences and brain research, providing hope for those affected.

Our key philosophy is that few medical discoveries are made in isolation and that new solutions require collaboration, a clear common purpose and an active dialogue with the wider community.

Our major goals are:

  • To be the leading site in Australia for provision of expert clinical assessment, investigation and innovative treatments for common brain and mind disorders.
  • To develop new procedures, technologies or medicines that result in the prevention or cure of disabling brain and mind disorders.

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