Birgita D Hansen

Federation University Australia
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Birgita is a research fellow in the Centre for eResearch and Digital Innovation (CeRDI) at Federation University Australia. She worked in conservation genetics at Monash University between 1999 and 2009 where she also contributed toward studies in riparian restoration and wetland ecology. She moved on to work for the Victorian State Government (then) Department of Sustainability and Environment as an estuarine and waterbird scientist. Since 2001, she has maintained an interest and involvement in shorebird studies, initially as a field volunteer and later as a committee member and scientific contributor. Birgita has extensive experience in waterbird ecology and conservation, and is currently running a program of research aimed at understanding the ecology and migration of Latham’s Snipe. With her colleagues at CeRDI, Birgita's work contributes to spatial data interoperability and visualisation to ensure that biodiversity, climate change and natural resource management data, information and knowledge is globally available to researchers, government agencies, municipalities and the public.



Bachelor of Science with Honours (1997 University of Melbourne)

Doctor of Philosophy (2009 Monash University) Thesis: Population genetic structure of Leadbeater's possum Gymnobelideus leadbeateri, and its implications for species conservation


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