Biotic connectivity within the temperate Australian marine protected area network at three levels of biodiversity: Communities, populations and genes

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Researchers: Ayre, David (Principal investigator) ,  Barrett, Neville (Principal investigator) ,  Booth, David (Principal investigator) ,  Edgar, Graham (Principal investigator) ,  Graham Edgar (Principal investigator)
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Full description Project outcomes will improve management of coastal biodiversity through a multi-state collaboration of managers, marine ecologists, population geneticists and taxonomists. Sites most needed within marine protected area (MPA) networks for maintaining resilience of populations across seascapes will be identified, including sites with exceptional endemism or key roles in dispersal of larvae. The ecological efficacy of the temperate Australian MPA network will be assessed through analysis of long-term ecological datasets and further development of a novel 'remote sensing' methodology, whereby surveys are undertaken by volunteer divers across much greater spatial and temporal scales than could be studied by dedicated scientific dive teams

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