Biofuel Engine Research Facility (BERF)

Queensland University of Technology
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The Biofuel Engine Research Facility, in QUT's Science and Engineering Faculty, aim to develop a fundamental understanding of the combustion of dual-fuel engines; investigate the fundamental processes underlying ultrafine particle formation in dual fuel engines; develop quantitative understanding of the influence of different engine parameters and fuel/water ratio on (a) the performance and (b) emissions of a dual fuel engine; optimise dual fuel engine performance for methanol/ethanol blend fuels. We are testing the possibilities of the assemblies of vortex mixers and heat exchangers to the diesel engine to produce better engine performance. This technology offers the option to reduce the use of fossil fuels (diesel) and to increase the use of renewable fuel (ethanol). This project addresses Australia's research priority #1: An environmentally Sustainable Australia, through the priority goals of reducing emissions in transport as well as transforming existing industries. It is consistent with the Government's Transport Fuels Policy (to improve fuel standards and to develop the alternative fuel industry), will help to achieve the Government's Biofuels Target (of 350ML by 2010) and meets the goals of the AP6 Clean Technology program.

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