Baulkham Hills Shire (1906-1994) / Baulkham Hills Shire Council (1993- )

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The Local Government (Shires) Act 1905 provided for the division into Shires of the areas in the state not at that time part of existing municipalities. Baulkham Hills Shire (shire no. 129) was established on 7 March, 1906. (1) The three ridings which comprised the Shire were proclaimed on the 16 May,1906. (2)

On 16 May, 1906 part of the South - Western corner of the Municipality of Dundas was transferred to Baulkham Hills Shire.(3) On 27 February, 1925 part of Colo Shire transferred to the "A' Riding of Baulkham Hills Shire. (4) On October 14, 1936 part of the "B" riding of Baulkham Hills Shire was transferred to the Municipality of Parramatta. (5)

On 7 November, 1947 a proposal under the Local Government Act 1919 was received to alter the boundaries of Windsor Municipality and Baulkham Hills Shire.(6) The proposed alteration concerned the transfer of 106 Acres from
Windsor Shire to the south- west corner of Baulkham Hills Shire. The transfer was proclaimed on 12 May, 1948. (7)

The Shire was renamed the Baulkham Hills Shire Council following the proclamation of the Local Government Act, 1993. (8)

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