Australian Partnership (for) Preparedness Research on InfectiouS (disease) Emergencies (APPRISE) [ 2016 - ]

Also known as: 5012107

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Sharon Lewin (Principal investigator) ,  Prof Allen Cheng Prof David Smith Prof Gwendolyn Gilbert Prof Jodie McVernon
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Brief description We have assembled national experts in clinical, laboratory and public health research to ensure Australia is equipped for a coordinated, effective and evidence based response to infectious diseases. This multidisciplinary team will create and share new knowledge to detect, prevent and manage emerging infection threats. We will train a robust cross-sectoral work force and develop sustainable research capacity integrated within the health system to ensure national and regional health security.

Funding Amount $4,996,416.00

Funding Scheme Centres of Research Excellence

Notes Centre of Research Excellence - Infectious Disease Emergency Response

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