Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation

Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
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The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is the home of Australian nuclear science. Through the OPAL research reactor, ANSTO produces critical radiopharmaceuticals like Molybdenum-99 which is the basis of 80 per cent of nuclear medicine procedures performed around the world and a range of other medical products needed to diagnose and treat heart disease and cancer. ANSTO scientists have also partnered with Universities from around Australia to study endemic diseases like diabetes and disease of the brain and mind. One in two Australians will need the nuclear medicines produced at ANSTO. Complementing the OPAL reactor are particle accelerators which are part of the essential toolkit used for precisely dating geological samples, studying the history of climate variability, clean energy technologies and materials research, among other applications. ANSTO is responsible for delivering specialised advice, scientific services and products to government, industry, academia and other research organisations. It does so through the development of new knowledge, delivery of quality services and support for business opportunities, radiopharmaceutical production and waste management. ANSTO's vision is to deliver excellence in innovation, insight and discovery through our people, national and international partnerships, nuclear expertise and landmark infrastructure. The Core Values adopted by ANSTO include: Safety, Security & Environmental Sustainability; One ANSTO - working together, Asking and answering the big questions; Transformation and Performance - Efficiency and agility; and Partnerships / collaboration.
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