Australian Laureate Fellowships - Grant ID: FL170100041 [ 2017 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Michelle Coote

Brief description This project aims to establish a new approach to catalysis using the electrostatic effects of pH-switchable, charged functional groups. Utilising simple homogeneous catalysts and polymer-supported enzyme-mimicking catalysts, a wide range of target reactions will be studied. The expected outcomes of the project will include a new approach to the design and optimisation of several new classes of catalyst for assembling complex molecules and materials. The project also offers a unique opportunity to train the next generation of chemists in the principles of computer-aided chemical design. The catalysts developed in this project will be able to accelerate and control the chemical reactions used in the synthesis of pharmaceuticals and materials, with significant practical benefits to industry.

Funding Amount $2,327,500

Funding Scheme Australian Laureate Fellowships

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