Australian Laureate Fellowships - Grant ID: FL150100060 [ 2015-10-31 - 2020-12-31 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof John Gooding (Australian Laureate Fellowship)

Brief description The first generation of single entity measurement tools for analysis. The first generation of single entity measurement tools for analysis: This fellowship project aims to develop a new type of diagnostic device that measures single molecules or single cells. Such measurements seek to revolutionise analysis by allowing heterogeneity and rare events in samples to be identified, rather than the average information provided by existing tools. With single molecule devices, the heterogeneity in response enables the development of multiplexed, calibration free sensors. The outcomes of the project are hoped to be completely new thinking on performing measurements, new knowledge regarding heterogeneity in biology and the potential for novel commercialised sensors. It is expected that this will be important not only in biological discovery, but also in providing far more robust sensors for applications such as environmental monitoring, disease prediction, personalised medicine or drug discovery.

Funding Amount $2,875,097

Funding Scheme Australian Laureate Fellowships

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