Australian Laureate Fellowships - Grant ID: FL140100021 [ 2014 - 2023 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof Ian Paulsen

Brief description Building virtual cyanobacteria: moving beyond the genomics era. This project aims to establish a new understanding of complex biological systems through the development of computational models of single cells and global ecosystems. The project will focus on globally important photosynthetic bacteria that underlie the entire marine food web. This project aims to characterise the diversity and abundance of photosynthetic bacteria across Australia's marine habitats and unravel the genetic basis for their adaptation to different environments. This data will be integrated with biochemical and physiological studies to create quantitative models at the cellular and global ecosystem scales. This project aims to develop new biomonitoring technologies, which combined with these models, will enable assessment of the health of Australia's marine ecosystems.

Funding Amount $2,700,000

Funding Scheme Australian Laureate Fellowships

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