Australian Drosophila Ecological and Genetic collection [ 2014-07-27T01:32:35Z - 2014-07 ]

Research Project

Researchers: Dr Ary Hoffmann (Principal investigator) ,  Smith, Ailie (Managed by) ,  Dr Phillipa Griffin Dr Sandra Hangartner

Brief description

The Australian Drosophila Ecological and Genetic data Collection from the Hoffmann lab is a nationally significant life science collection containing a rich and irreplaceable variety of data. Drosophila species in Australia are widely studied both nationally and internationally to understand climate adaptation, geographic range limits and the genetic basis for climate stress tolerance. The collection comprises species distribution information from 10+ years of field surveys, experimental data on climate stress response, and valuable, recently-produced whole-genome and population-level variation data.

The project will make a nationally significant life science data collection openly available to a broad community of researchers. The Drosophila Data Collection project will also act as a demonstrator for enabling broad access to scientific knowledge through publication, collection documentation, verification, preservation, and reuse planning, and as a use case for managing sustained long-term access through preservation and re-use planning. Access and preservation are mutually dependent activities – two sides of the same coin. Long-term access and effective re-use is not possible without preservation, and preservation is of little value without access and dissemination mechanisms.

Through the provision of managed, curated and published research data collections, this project will, at its conclusion, provide opportunities to visibly link ANDS investment with the RDSI VicNode and NeCTAR UoM-Research Cloud Tools programs based at the University of Melbourne. The bridging of these three National Research Data driven Infrastructure programs is a highly desirable outcome for both the University of Melbourne and the researchers they serve.

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