AusStage Phase 1 - National Electronic Facility to Promote Research into Australian Performing Arts

Provided by   Flinders University

Research Project

Researchers: Doctor Jonathan Bollen Mr Joh Hartog Ms Jenny Fewster Professor Emerita Julie Holledge

Brief description

The first phase of the AusStage Project (ARC R00002742). Project Summary: To establish a national, distributed database of theatre research, bringing together many existing resources (in participating universities and other theatre research organisations) and catering for future data collection and collaborative research. The proposed database will address a major lack in Australian theatre studies. It will provide hardware and software for a database that can handle complex relational queries and that will unite three strands of theatre research, with important social and cultural implications: theatre history; the cultural and commercial analysis of the production and consumption of performances; and audience analysis. It will eliminate the present wasteful duplication of resources in existing self-funded, ARC-funded and industry-based research.


Other Chief Investigators on this phase of the project were: Joanne Tompkins (University of Queensland) John McCallum (University of New South Wales) Rod Wissler (Queensland University of Technology) Adrian Kiernander (University of New England) David Watt (University of Newcastle) Steve Chinna (University of Western Australia) Geoffrey Milne (La Trobe University)

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