ARC Research Network for Understanding and Managing Australian Biodiversity [ 2004 - 2009 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers Prof RS HillProf AD AustinProf PR BaverstockA/Prof DR BellwoodProf JM BowlerProf DM BowmanDr BW BrookDr AJ ButlerDr MM ByrneProf JM ChappellMs MP ColreavyDr SD ConnellDr SR ConnollyProf A CooperProf RH CrozierDr B DavidDr SC DonnellanDr DA Driscoll

Brief description (ARC Research Network for Understanding and Managing Australian Biodiversity) This Network will develop multi-disciplinary research teams made up of formidable Australian and overseas experts to understand the environmental history leading to the Australian continent's freshwater, marine and terrestrial biodiversity. Its scope will be based around three main themes: the impact on biodiversity of 1) global climate change, past and future, 2) geo-historical processes, and 3) the arrival and spread of humans. This Network will generate research outcomes directly relevant to understanding and managing environmental issues such as water resources, new fisheries industries, soil loss and salinity, and Australia's biotic diversity. As such, it will contribute significantly to an environmentally sustainable Australia.

Funding Amount $1,500,000

Funding Scheme Special Research Initiative (Research Networks)

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