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Researchers: Richard Stuart-Smith (Future Fellowship) ,  Stuart-Smith, RIck (Principal investigator of, Postdoctoral Fellow (Industry)) ,  Stuart-Smith, Rick (Future Fellowship) ,  Stuart-Smith, Rick (Future Fellowship) ,  Stuart-Smith, Rick, Dr (Future Fellowship)
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Brief description Tackling marine conservation issues at national and global scales. This project aims to collect and apply standardised underwater data on fishes, invertebrates and plants in an unprecedented global analysis of decadal change in rocky and coral reef ecosystems. Outcomes will include validation of global models of ocean warming and understanding of poorly known ecological impacts of recreational fisheries. A suite of data-informed recommendations developed through engagement across management, science and public sectors will benefit Australians by enabling improved sustainability of resource use. International benefits will propagate through increased data access, improvements in predictive models and the evidence base required for large-scale biodiversity-related policy reform.

Funding Amount $886,578

Funding Scheme ARC Future Fellowships

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