ARC Future Fellowships - Grant ID: FT190100017 [ 2020-03-02 - 2024-03-01 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Mark J. Hackett (Future Fellowship)

Brief description Imaging metal homeostasis in the ageing brain. This fellowship aims to deliver new tools to visualise how changes to blood vessels during ageing effect the amount and distribution of metal ions in brain cells in animal models. This will be a significant advance as current methods cannot image these parameters. Metal ions are essential for brain function, but the effects of ageing on metal ions within brain cells is largely unknown. The results are expected to associate brain-blood vessel permeability with changes to metal ion content during ageing. The methods developed, and the fundamental new knowledge they reveal will benefit national and international neuroscientists seeking to elucidate the fundamental neurobiology of metal ions with respect to maintaining healthy brain function.

Funding Amount $739,302

Funding Scheme ARC Future Fellowships

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