ARC Future Fellowships - Grant ID: FT170100128 [ 2017-12-06 - 2021-12-05 ]

Research Grant

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Researchers: Prof Ying Zhang (Future Fellowship)

Brief description Effective, efficient and scalable processing of big geo-textual streams. This project aims to develop novel approaches to realise the value of geo-textual data, which carries both location and textual information. The project expects to address three key challenges brought by massive volumes and high speeds of big geo-textual streams: better user experiences; increased efficiency; and greater scalability in query processing. The project should provide individuals, business and government agencies with the ability to unlock key values in the overwhelming volume of high-speed, big geo-textual streams for important usage in many emerging key applications, such as social media analytics, location-based services, social networks, e-marketing and cybersecurity.

Funding Amount $816,000

Funding Scheme ARC Future Fellowships

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